We are looking for corporations that have strong networks and willing to expand their business into the senior market in their territory; particularly interested in exclusively and non-exclusively licensing our software, application, smart diapers, and hardware products. Lastly and most importantly, believe in our mission.

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What we do

Wonderkin‘s cloud-based IP-granted long-term care management solution helps home care agencies/ long-term care facilities and families to become more efficient to provide better care. Our solution (pad sensor, receiver, smart pads, and an Application installed on a phone or a tablet) is used by adult day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living centers.


Innovation wonderkinUk

State-of-the-art and tested technology with proven application in the elderly industry. We own a unique and highly disruptive technology platform in a market.


Unlike other smart diaper brands that measure wetness based on humidity, we provide more accurate real-time information.

Patented technology
Patented technology

Internationally granted patents with the proven application and potential in health data analysis in countries such as the USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore.

Patented technology
Specialisation and agility

Backed by Carmelton Group, we can meet on-demand production, enhance production and overseas logistics arrangements with flexibility and ease.

Patented technology
Infrastructure and deployment

Combining well-established software after pilots experience, embedded communication and connectivity, and hardware enhancement have led to mature infrastructure while creating huge potentials for businesses and customers.

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