After purchasing the smart diapers and sensors, how do I start using the product?
Answer :
Visit any App Store to download our app for free! Then, register an account, create the elderly’s profile, and follow instructions within the App to begin.
How do I get started using the smart devices and the app?
Answer :
Follow the steps in the quick user guide that comes with the product, or you can reference the steps in the app for the initial set-up
  • After wearing the smart diaper properly, please activate the Sensor by clipping it onto the smart diaper sensing lines.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and go to open the App and the elderly’s profile page.
  • Place the sensor within 5 cm away from the phone.
  • Press the “connected” button in the app for the phone to search the Sensor and automatically pair the Sensor to the user.
  • Data will start showing up in the app.
Can I use the app when I’m away (at a distance) from the user whom I am monitoring?
Answer :
Yes. Our system is designed to accommodate data transmission for short and long-distance range. Within a short distance range, you can simply receive data to your phone via Bluetooth from the Sensor. While you are away from the user, you can receive data from the internet. To enable receiving data from the internet, you need to connect the Hub to the internet, so it receives data from the Kini Sensor and in return transmits the data to your phone. Switch connection modes to enable smooth data transmission.
How do I know if the Sensor is disconnected?
The Sensor is disconnected when no data is shown on your app. A message of “Last connected time” will be shown on the App.
How long can the sensor’s battery last?
The battery can last for around 1-2 months depending on how often the Sensor is being used throughout the period. You can simply replace the used battery with a new CR2016 button battery.
How do I know if the Sensor is of low battery and needs to be changed?
A low battery icon will be shown on the app. When it appears, the battery can still last around 1 week. It is advised to change the battery within 1 or 2 days.
Can I control the alerts and sounds from the App?
You can choose different alarms or switch off the alarm completely in the App.
Can I use the transmission Hub without connecting it to the power?
The Hub needs to connect the power at all times to continuously send data to the internet and display data on the mobile app.
Where can I purchase the product?
You can buy our smart diapers and Sensor sets on Nice Care E-shop or through our website. You can also visit our website to learn about other retail channels.
Is there a warranty for the product?
There is a one-year warranty for the smart device (Sensor and Hub) upon your purchase. Simply fill in the warranty form within a month of purchase on our website (www.wonderkin.co.uk) so you can receive a free exchange of the device if the device is broken.
Which connection mode should I use, direct connect to phone or to the hub?
This depends on whether you want to use the Hub or not. If you choose to connect through the Hub, you will be able to see the diaper wetness colour indication through the hub. You will also be able to connect multiple sensors or users to your account and to monitor all of the users simultaneously. However if the sensor leaves the proximity of the Hub (I.e. 10-15m), for example, when you leave home with the baby, then you will need to enable phone connection to continue receiving the sensors data directly to the phone.
My phone's Bluetooth is interrupted sometimes (e.g., when I connect my phone with other Bluetooth devices). This resulted in the app not sending real-time alerts?
If the App is operating in standby mode (in the background), the Bluetooth connection could be lost and interrupted based on the settings provided by the service provider and mobile carriers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% connectivity at all times as the connection depends on the local wireless network, LTE, or stable local Bluetooth connection. The use of our Service should not replace your good judgment and common sense. To restore the Bluetooth connection, just re-open the app to let it automatically reconnect again. The app will automatically scan the nearby Kini Sensor and automatically display the data again. If not, you can click the “Connect” button in the App again to reconnect.
Is the smart diaper safe on skin?
The wetness indicator is made of the carbon sensing ink made of carbon. carbon is a natural chemical and rarely causes any sensitivity issues. Moreover, the conductive ink printed on the diaper layer is not directly in contact with the skin. Our product has passed the 2002/95/EC Directive in terms of chemical uses and it is made from high-quality raw material imported from Japan, Germany and the U.S. It is regularly tested against QB / T 2493, GB 15979 standards, CE and FDA certified. Bluetooth embedded in the Sensor has proven no harm to adults’ health. Wi-Fi used in the alarm has lower radiation than that used in our cell phones.
Does using Bluetooth in the diaper sensor pose any danger to the user?
Bluetooth is a proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (~10m). Hence compared to a mobile phone that needs to be continuously connected to a tower that could be miles away, Bluetooth will emit significantly less energy, thus less radiation. Thus it does not pose any danger to the user.
How do I ensure the data collected is secured?
The users’ data transmitted via Bluetooth is encrypted and detached from any user’s personal information. The data stored on the Internet stays in the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform, which has a sophisticated technical and physical measure against unauthorized access (any person other than you). The Cloud server is compliant with all data control security regulations such as ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, and 9001 certifications. To ensure personal information is private and confidential, please do not share your login credentials with anyone. You can read more about data security here Data Security Page for detailed information.


We want to have a trial before purchasing the devices and smart diapers. Is this possible?
Yes, definitely. Our team can send you some smart diaper samples for you to try. We can also visit your facility to set up the pilot testing in selected rooms or users and provide the necessary training to help caregivers and the management team. Please contact us for more information.
What are the requirements for setting up the system at our facility?
The facility will require a Wi-Fi connection that covers areas where users stay. We only support Wi-Fi network with a simple password login, but not network with VPN or extra security level. To install the Hub, we will need power in each room to connect to the Hub. A desktop/ tablet is required to view data via the web portal. If you would like to use our system on-the-go with our application, you will need tablets or smartphones to be carried by nurse-on-duty.
How many Sensors and transmission Hubs do we need to purchase usually?
It depends on the sizes and interior design of the nursing homes. Each user needs a minimum of one Sensor for connection. Since one Hub can detect signal from an unlimited number of Sensors within a Bluetooth range (10-15m), we recommend using one Hub per room. You can also place a Hub in the common areas and bathrooms so alarms can be tracked and recorded with location information.
Can we wash the Sensors?
Yes. Sensors can be cleaned by using water or even alcohol. They are reusable.
Can we use the system without using smart diapers?
Unfortunately, our system only works when using our smart diapers.
How many Sensors (or users) can we detect using the transmission Hub?
Q3. How many Sensors (or users) can we detect using the transmission Hub?
How sensitive is the diaper wetness alarm? About how many times of urine can the smart diaper take before the alarm goes off?
The default sensitivity setting of the diaper wetness is set to go off around three times of urination. However, the alarm’s sensitivity can be adjusted according to the users’ sensitivity in our system.
How does the Hub send data to the Cloud?
The Hub needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi to send data to the Cloud System. The transmission hub is a receiver that receives signals from all the sensors within 10 m distance via Bluetooth. Then it sends data from the Hub to the Cloud via Wi-Fi.
Can we personalise the setting for different users?
Yes, the personalised setting is available for inactivity timer and diaper wetness alarm. We can set the maximum inactivity duration we can tolerate per user to trigger an alarm. We can also set the sensitivity and the lapse duration of the diaper wetness alarm per user.
How are we able to track tasks for each nurse?
The facility can create a login account for each nurse. Upon recording the tasks, nurses can log in to their account and mark tasks completed so the tasks completed by each nurse can be recorded in the system with a date and time.
Can we get all the historical records of alarms and tasks?
Yes, it is available on the web portal for you to view or even export as a list for further analysis.
We are concerned about the quality of the diaper. What is the absorption of the diapers? Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Our diaper is made of high-quality raw materials imported from the US, Japan, and Germany. The design and features of the diaper are comparable to the premium adult diapers available in the market. The manufacturer that produces our diapers has acquired all certifications for safety, export permits and had 20+ years of experience in manufacturing incontinence products all over the world.
Is the elderly’s data being protected and securely stored in the Cloud System?
We are employing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our Cloud System provider, which adopts world-class, highly secure data centres utilising state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Also, different access rights are given to various account types within our system, including super admin, general admin, nursing home, nursing home manager and nurse accounts. The data transmission from the Sensor to the Hub is encrypted and contains no client’s data.