Looking for the next Wondermom!

Wondermom (UNITED KINGDOM) is looking for their next Wondermom & Baby.
Be the first in line to win the ultimate baby care for ‘smart’ parents with a Wondermom Starter Kit & further 6 month supply of smart nappies for your baby.

Wondermom Starter Kits Include:
  • A Kini Sensor- clipped onto the baby nappy and connects to the Hub and sends real-time alerts via Bluetooth to a smart phone. You will know about your little one anytime, anywhere with the Wondermom App!
  • A Hub that is not only a receiver that allows remote monitoring, but also changes colour, based on diaper wetness level, and beeps when diaper needs changing, or if abnormal sleeping postures are detected
  • Smart Nappies (in size S, M, L, XL from newborn up to 24 months). They are highly absorbent, ideal for day and night use (up to 800ml absorption), and are made from hypoallergenic plant-derived raw materials that are 100% chlorine- and fragrance-free!

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